Greenrope helps you manage your CRM, sales and marketing all on one platform.

One log in. One portal. Simplify and streamline your business like never before.


Gain an unfair advantage over your competition while you turbocharge your sales & marketing

Set the standard using our professional design tools combined with unmatched analytics and automation

grow grow GROW with easy invoicing, payment processing and e-commerce

Save time & money by using one solution focused on YOU. Everything synchronizes automatically!

Who can use it

GreenRope is perfect for any size business
From the smallest micro-business to the multi-national, we have the solution to simplify your business and save you time and money!

Flexible, powerful, yet easy to use and with great customer support dedicated to YOU.


Save time
Let us do all the work! - Automatic event/appointment reminders, web-based event registration, SMS text messaging, send invoices and collect funds online

Encourage involvement
get your group members and clients more interested with email marketing, event registration, surveys, and forums

Easy website management
professional webpage templates with total customization with easy control of what goes on each page (no more waiting for your "web guy" to do it!)

Grow your top line
set up a store, set and track sales goals, accept donations, and receive event and client appointment payments online automatically

Grow your bottom line
it's all automated with an accounting management system... so you know where your money is going and why (without hiring someone to watch it)

Power to the people
give your team more - CRM that automatically combines email, website traffic (following individuals on your site), events, and more


  • » Contact management with CRM
  • » Complete website design
  • » Integrated accounting
  • » Online storefront
  • » Brand Monitoring
  • » Surveys
  • » Project management
  • » Email and SMS marketing
  • » Media storage
  • » Web-based calendar

Why GreenRope is special

  • » GreenRope is designed to support any type of business
  • » Focused on the business owner, to give you ultimate control while automating the details
  • » Secure, powerful, flexible software
  • » Great customer service

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GreenRope is the premier web-based management system for small businesses. GreenRope provides integrated, state-of-the-art, user-friendly marketing and operational management in one place. GreenRope saves time while providing the tools to grow a business and organize clients and employees.

What's Included?

All of the features are accessible from one screen, making this an easy-to-use, feature-packed solution for managing your business.


• Everything relevant to you in one place

• Easy jump-off point to whatever you need to work on

Email/Text Message Notifications

• Design, send, and track professional email and text (SMS) messages to all your customers

• Integrate seamlessly with your social networks

• Let us automatically manage your bounces and unsubscribes

• Easily target your messages to whoever you want, however you want

Manage Your Brand

• See how the world perceives your company with our Brand Monitoring tool

• Manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets, and see the effect of your Tweets on your audience

Calendaring and Events

• Maintain a private and public calendar of events

• Set registration options for event attendees

• Schedule automatic event reminders

• Collect event payments automatically and export attendance and payment data

Contacts and CRM

• Import or manually enter clients and contacts and then assign them to groups and categories

• Connect your contacts with their social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

• Create as many custom user-defined fields for each contact as you would like

• Use our website signup forms to automatically allow your website visitors to join your mailing lists and groups

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help you keep track of all interactions with each contact, including emails sent, events attended, and any notes you want to take

• Sales pipeline management allows you to track and forecast your leads and opportunities

• Automatically connect your inbox to your CRM with our IMAP integration

Project Management

• Manage ongoing projects in one place.

• Assign tasks to team members and follow up with them.

• Each member of a project can contribute Project Updates which all project members can see.

• The project manager updates the status of the project and can set a percent-complete for easy visual reference.

• Use our cool Gantt chart to help you visualize all that's going on.


• Get customer feedback in real time!

• Create surveys and choose from four different question types (e.g., multiple choice, rank order, open text) and unlimited layout options.

• View overall response charts, as well as detailed responses for each person.


• Integrated accounting lets you keep track of all your income and expenses.

• Invoicing lets you send out invoices to your contacts with automatic payment via PayPal.

• Manage your expenses and accounts in one convenient interface.

• Send out invoices and get paid automatically.

Store Media for your Team

• Store all of your Media files for you website and shared documents for clients.

• Collaborate with others and store articles and notes

• Password protect your documents and share with only people you authorize

Websites / Landing Pages

• Build your own professional, customized Website and Online store.

• Host your own forums to encourage participation in your business.

• Easily build your own landing pages and microsites.

• Watch your web-traffic and sales soar!

Payment Processing

• Process payments directly from your website

• Integrated fundraising so your contacts can raise funds and attain your fundraising goals

• Collect event registration and attendance payments automatically


Managing & Marketing your business is easy with GreenRope!